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I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for

It's hard to say it, time to say it; Goodbye, goodbye.

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MODS a question
glamorshot knee
I know Keeley hasn't been in the game for that long so I am hoping that I am able to do this. I was thinking because there's plenty of names ending with either I's or Y's I was wondering if it's possible to change Keeley's name to Eden? I don't see that name used a lot and have always liked it...it's also after a friend who's going thru a rough time atm.

Could you please let me know if this is acceptable as soon as you can? Thanks muchly.... =)

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I don't see why not. If Charlie doesn't care, you can change it.

Thank you for the quick response. I wanted to get in now before there's too many posts....I've got a journal lined up just in case it's a-ok =)

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